Opening from Fri Nov 21, From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

On View Fri Nov 21 - Sat Dec 20

FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery | 315 Peck Street Gallery

FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery is pleased to present “Laid Ledge”, an exhibition of new work by Elizabeth Gilfilen and "Prone Positions", an exhibition of new work by Jeremy Chandler. This is Elizabeth and Jeremy's first solo shows with the gallery. 

Elizabeth Gilfilen writes: 
“The title of this exhibition, “Laid Ledge” alludes to the painting act, and to locating the physical and perceived edge of uncertainty. With paint, I move fluidly through the work, and I record each misstep. Accumulated marks grow and deviate; torquing forms emerge based on the decisions I make. A kinetic energy can overwhelm, yet I strive for a tension in the marks that is sprung almost as tight as the coils and tendons that create them. It is the alternating recognition of corporeal form and its immediate denial that causes me to revisit the work over many months. Over time, the scaffolding of marks can collapse into overlapping landscapes, defined by risk and just out of reach.“